The Girl Gone Good Paleo Experiment: Explained

Oh the controversy! One mention of adopting the Paleo diet for a week and the opinions came flooding in.  🙂 Which is great! I love opinions, responses, thoughts…the more the better.  The whole idea is to share information and experiences.  So go ahead, comment on my blog 🙂

What I’m going to do:

For a week, starting this Sunday, I’m going to adapt the Paleo diet. I’ll be trying new recipes, taking pictures of what I eat, tracking my nutritional intake, expressing my thoughts, noting my energy levels, and blogging about it daily.

Why I’m doing it:

I’m a Clean Eater at heart through and through.  Paleo is like taking a step further in my mind.  Most likely, it’s not going to become my lifestyle, but it will introduce me to different eating habits and new recipe ideas.  The truth is, I’m not eating enough greens! (Yikes! Say it ain’t so!) I’m not…I’m cowering behind other foods.  Doing a week long challenge is a great way for me to find new veggie recipes and be accountable for my eating habits. Yes, I know that going a month might be more beneficial, but I also know myself and doing a week at a time is easier for me to commit to.

Where the idea came from:

Well, I have a lot of Crossfit friends who are Paleo lovers, and they’ve peaked my curiousity! 🙂 Then last week I watched this video of an American Doctor that turned her health around by creating her own diet which resembled Paleo.  Her transformation through diet, not pills, was incredible and inspiring.

How you can join in:

There are several ways you can join in.  Paleo followers can share their recipes and fave snack ideas on Girl Gone Good Facebook page.  Clean Eaters and friends can join in in eating Paleo for the week (why not? Might even be fun – heh heh).  Take pictures of your meals (click-click-click follow foodies!) and post them on the Facebook page or Tweet them to me.  You can also comment on my daily blog posts here – I absolutely LOVE blog comments and responding!

What is the Paleo diet?

Some call in just another fad diet, others believe it is the ways humans were always meant to eat.  The diet is based on grain feed meats, organic fish, eggs, vegetables of all kinds, fruits and nuts/seeds.

What does this Girl believe in?

Without adding trendy names or popular celebrity attachment….at the end of the day, this is how I like to eat;

  • wholesome local organic foods above all else
  • vegetables, vegetables and more vegetables (incl seaweed)
  • fruit is nature’s candy
  • healthy fats are a must
  • 3-4 litres of water daily
  • no processed foods
  • no additives, bleach, chemicals or hormones
  • no refined sugars

Now let’s be honest, I this is my ideal, what I strive for…not something I 100% achieve at the moment. Which is a blog post of it’s own for another time. 😉

To each our own really, but this is going to be my experiment this week. Will you join?


7 responses to “The Girl Gone Good Paleo Experiment: Explained

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