I Have A Bad Case Of The New Year Resolutions!

I love that feeling. Right after Christmas, knowing that New Years is around the corner, there’s a rush of motivation every fiber of my being.  A determination to do better, be stronger, work harder, and experience more.

I’ve been so overwhelmed with motivation for the new year that I’ve had a hard time sitting still and embrace a calm mind this week.  My thoughts are going on overdrive!!! (I know, typical girl right?!) Sigh.

It’s the New Years bug, and we all get it. Highly contagious. Do you have it?!? Usually lasts a month, then we settle back to our old habits and ride out the year.  Ha ha.

Not this girl. Not this year.

The was no doubt that 2012 was a great year. According to my 3 year life changing plan, it was a year to master my health and regain my fitness.

I fumbled, tumbled and binged on sugar…but through slow changes I managed to make clean eating my base lifestyle.  I discovered recipes like my pumpkin pie smoothie and cocoa almond smoothie along the way to help me stay on track.

newyears2013 Nutritional Goals

  • Eliminate added and refined sugars from diet (biggest goal ever for this girl….)
  • Eat clean 95% of the time (stocking the pantry and freezer with wholesome treats)
  • Discover better vegetable based recipes (love those greens!)

2013 Fitness Goals

  • Complete my 1st marathon (Marine Corps Marathon – hooo-ah!)
  • 10 pull-ups/15 chin-ups
  • Get down to goal weight (aka goal size since weight doesn’t matter!)
  • Concentrate more on functional fitness

2013 Life Goals

  • Complete a minimum of 20 Life List items (ya ya, more travel!!!)
  • Start university (time to geek it up ladies and gents 😛  )
  • Increase income/become debt free (oh yes, it will be done)

Raise a glass tonight and cheers, this is going to be one hell of a year ladies and gents. 😉 Ready?


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