My Book of Dirty Little Secrets

I have this book. It’s scarier than any diary.  It contains some of my dirty little secrets.  Stuff I normally keep well hidden. What is this embarrassingly truthful book? It’s my fitness diary.  It doesn’t contain workouts, instead it’s filled with fitness goals, and *aghast* body measurements (mama no!!!).

I’ll tell anyone my weight (154-157lbs), but my body measurements?!?! Eeeeeekkk! Not a chance. Weight can be a tricky thing but measurements don’t lie.  I would lie about my measurements straight faced if cornered.  True story.

Why? Well, because originally, it was damn embarrassing! I don’t want anyone knowing how much belly fat I have! Or how big my booty is! Or how large my hips are!  Yikes! Of course, realistically, it’s an unfounded fear.  People see me, they see my body, they can tell if I’ve lost or gain weight or if my pants are too tight.  Get over it.  (Yes, yes, easier said than done. I sooooooo know.)

Now, I find those goals and numbers more humbling than anything else and it’s a book that keeps me honest.

I started in July 2009.  I wrote down my fitness and body goals. The embarrassing part is that I never achieved them.  I never tried. Well, until last year after I stopped lying to myself and cleaned up my nutrition.  That’s when I realized my original goals could be easily within reach.

2009 goals..errr...I mean 2013? ;)

2009 goals..errr…I mean 2013? 😉

The ‘hip hip hooray’ part about tracking progress, is that it’s there to acknowledge.  I’ve lost 2 inches from my waist, hips and thighs each this last year. That my friends, is success in my books.  It puts a smile on my face. 🙂

Perhaps after some more hard work, I’ll be brave enough to post before and after pictures/measurements (*gulp*), just not quite yet. 😉  I do have a beach vacation coming up in February, so that’s some extra motivation to eat better and workout harder to reach those goals!

I started the year with a 24hr fitness challenge.  I’m part way through it. 900 Squats are done, only 1000 ab exercises and 13 burpees to go! Woot Woot!:)  I might be is some wonderfully serious pain tomorrow, ha ha.

Now, let’s go work out!!!

Anyone else keep a fitness journal or take measurements to track progress instead of weight?


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