5 Ways This Girl Is Ditching Sugar

Sugar. That dirty little ‘S’ word that weasels its way into our lives daily.  It masks itself as a soothing friend, a reward, a socially acceptable act… With ninja likes skills, added sugar works hard behind the scene to steal our energy, decrease our metabolism and ultimately attack our overall health.

It’s no secret that what we eat effects how we feel. Sugar as we all know, is tricky like that, make us feel great during consumption then sluggish, tired and “ugh” with a side of guilt afterwards.

The perfect meal contains a balance between lean protein, nutritious carbs (veggies/fruit) and healthy fats. Sugar contains none of those things. Nada. Zip.  So why eat sugary treats? Because they’re soooooo tasty right? Sure.  But ween yourself off added sugars and you’ll be blown away by how great wholesome nutritious foods actually taste. Seriously. Promise.

What do I mean by added sugar? Exactly that, sugar that’s added to foods. Refined sugars. I’m not taking about fruits, or even maple syrup.  I’m talking about the refined sugars added to our everyday lives.  In your coffee, cereal, granola bars, deserts, fast food, pasta sauces. Yuck. Pa-toooey! 😛

There are enough natural sugars and superb taste in fruits. You don’t need the other stuff.

Here’s how I’m taking on my sweet addiction;

  1. Increased fruit intake. Instead of the normal 2-3 servings, I’ve increased to 3-4 to satisfy those cravings.  Funny, fruit actually tastes better!
  2. Eat balanced, filling meals. True story, if I eat right during the day, there will be less cravings for the sweet stuff.  Aim for balanced meals containing lean protein, healthy fat and nutritious carbs (aka veggies and fruit)
  3. Drink more water.  Most times hunger is thirst in disguise. 😉 3-4 L a day is the goal!
  4. Get enough sleep.  Craving sweets in the evening, just may be a sign that you’re tired – go to bed.
  5. Surrounded by support.  Tell your partner, your family, your friends…and be accountable.

See?!!? It’s no secret.  It’s not impossible.  It just takes will…bucket loads of it!  Willpower and knowledge, that’s the ticket right there.

Like all those anti-drug commercials; Just. Say. No.

It’s been a week without any added sugars. I have noticed that my cravings are down, waaaaaaaay down. (Ya ya, 30 second dance party!!!) I did cave last night with a half piece of apply pie and small chocolate square. It’s done. I’m back for another added sugar free week.

It’s one small step at a time for this cat, eventually, I’ll be living sugar free. It’s possible.

Up for going a week without added sugars? A month? Let’s try this…


3 responses to “5 Ways This Girl Is Ditching Sugar

  1. I always crave sugar and potato chips in the evening. Maybe I’m just tired and dehydrated! I think next week I will try going to bed when these cravings hit and see how I feel. Maybe it will break the cycle.

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