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A healthy lifestyle is just that, a lifestyle.

Forget the temptation of quick fixes…they are not conducive to a long healthy lifestyle.  Unhealthy foods = unhealthy body + unhealthy side effects.  I’ve always been the one to say “I’ll get back on track on Monday”, contributing to a vicious cycle of working out during the week, eating what I thought was a healthy diet and then ‘treating’ myself on the weekends undoing all my hard work from the week.  It’s taken a long time, through small changes, but I’m finally getting where I want to be with my nutrition.  I’m not perfect, however my poor nutritional choices are becoming fewer and farther in between.

The key to my personal on going success is two-fold; education and discovering the healthy lifestyle that suits.  After reading everything at my disposal I started learning about organic foods, the dirty dozen, the clean fifteen, gluten-free, GMO crops as well as the effects of processed foods.  I became less interested in reading the nutritional label and more interested in the ingredient listing…the truths amazed me.  As a result, I lean heavily on clean eating, with Tosca Reno and The Gracious Pantry as my resources for amazing recipes.

Now that I’m turning over a new nutritional leaf, I’ve become more involved in finding healthy solutions for my meals.  Here’s where I’ll share them with you.


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