#112 Enjoy a Deep-Fried Mars Bar

13 April 2012

I’m having supper at Kelsey’s restaurant in Kingston, before going to the drive-in. Looking over the menu…I see it…BOOM…just like that…DEEP FRIED MARS BAR.

Ha, it’s like a sign that my life list is officially in full swing. I haven’t really started anything off of my Life List yet and now I get to experience two experiences at once.  Seriously, what’s the movies without a little treat anyways?  Of course there’s not enough time to enjoy it at the restaurant (can’t be late for the movie) so we get it to go. BRILLIANT idea.

So sitting at the drive-in I experience my first deep fried mars bar (yes, yes, I know it’s not on the clean eating menu! Ha ha). Out of a plastic to-go dish, with melting ice cream while bundled under a warm blanket.

It’s…well…AMAZING. First bite melts in your mouth, there’s more sugar than one can handle, then the caramel inevitably gets stuck to the top of the mouth and you end up doing that “cluck cluck” sound trying to get the caramel!



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