#123: Be Apart of a Live Studio Audience

08 May 2012

Thanks to my amazing fairy godmother and a dear new friend in NYC, I was able to check being part of a live studio audience off the list. I’ll be part of the audience for ABC’s fabulous new show, The Chew that aired on Wednesday 09 May 2012 at 1pm EST.

I was as giddy as a kid at Christmas walking up to the ABC studios. Writing up a life list is one thing, actually being able to follow through with it is quite another. Imagine the good luck of being able to get tickets to a show as fun and delicious as The Chew! I’ve always been a Clinton Kelly fan and a huge foodie so for me it was the perfect experience.

To be part of the studio audience you can either get tickets or apply to be standby through the studios. It’s a common practice in NYC, and with so many shows taping there; it’s not impossible to get into a tapping.

We had VIP tickets, which put us right behind the audience taste testers (What a tease! Ha ha).

RC Smith who is an amazing and hilarious comedian, greeted the audience with such energy it was impossible not to laugh and play along. We were singing, laughing, dancing, clapping, and more clapping (Ummm, don’t wear rings, it actually hurt my hand from so much clapping!)

Follow RC Smith on Twitter or see his website for performance schedules!

The co-hosts of The Chew (Daphne Oz, Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly, Mario Batali, and Michael Symon) have such positive and fun attitudes that it’s infectious! Clinton Kelly had his mother, Terri, (sharing her pasta with oven dried tomatoes recipe) and sister (as an audience taste tester) on the show, since they are celebrating Mother’s Day all week.

Can you guess which song Terri Kelly said Clinton used to get his groove on in the shower with growing up? Take a peak at the show, we ended up playing the song during commercial break, singing, and watching (a humbled and humourous) Clinton bust a move! The thought had me giggling all the way back to Canada that night!

The dishes they shared on this episode were;

  • Deb’s Chicken Parm Burger
  • Felecia’s Pasta Red Lentil Sauce
  • Nana’s Meatball Soup
  • Martina McBride’s Zucchini & Mozzarella Tart
  • Michael Symon’s Rose Wine Macerated Strawberries
  • Michael Symon’s Lemony Angel Food Cake (Which Carla Hall threw me a piece of, it’s not clean eating, but it is light and delicious!)

All in all, it was a fabulous experience!


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