#75: Build a Sandcastle

I’m sure I’ve built sandcastles before. As children, most of us have. I have a hard time remembering though, and always wanted to spend the day at the beach creating my own as an adult.

I told my cousins last night that it was my plan to build a sandcastle the next morning. Considering I’m in my thirties, I’m surprised they didn’t laugh a little! Instead they smiled and told me about the best beach for the job. This morning, my 9 yr old niece kindly lent us her bucket, shovel, and fresh towels for the endeavor.

Elbow beach is on the South-East side of the island. It wasn’t crowded by any means; the sand was powder white and the ocean as clear as a pool.

After swimming in the ocean for a while (Life List #96 ) I grabbed the bucket and shovel and started on the sand castle extraordinaire!

So there we were, two thirty-something adults with plastic toys building a sandcastle on the beach. It was almost as entertaining to see the reactions of people walking by, as it was to build the castle! Some raised eyebrows, curious looks, giggles, smiles…and others stopped by to comment and say hello. One gentleman said, “It’s the best sandcastle on the beach, well, it’s the only castle…but the best.” Smarty pants. Ha ha ha.

There was a bit of a rush since the tide was coming in, but all in all…it was a success! Not only that, but it was FUN. Sometimes it’s good to play like a kid again.


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