#96: Swim in the Ocean

16 May 2012

Being by the ocean is always a gift.

The warm breeze rides off the waves, covering your skin like a soft blanket. The waves invite you to risk a few minutes of cooler waters till your body accepts them and there’s nothing but salt-water, playfulness, and laughter. The sun glares, keeping its promise of warmth and tan lines. The sand covers and sticks to your toes, eventually making a home of your towels, bags, and clothing. When you shut your eyes, the world disappears and your senses take over. The enormity of the ocean and the sound of the waves crashing along the shoreline are more comforting than any other moment in time. She brings serenity, and the notion of humility as you acknowledge how little you are compared to her. The gifts that she brings are a clear mind, and a sense of humility. Embrace both.

During my travels I’ve managed to dip my toes in a few oceans.  I’ve never written about them, which is why swimming in the ocean was still on my Life List.

I’ve always had a fear of open water. Because of that fear, I decided to complete a basic scuba diving course in the Maldives years ago. I’ve gone snorkeling and diving in Aruba, Indonesia, Thailand, Hawaii, Australia, and Mexico. Each time it’s slightly pushing my anxiety of being out in the open water. It’s healthy to push fears, with time and experience it becomes more comfortable.

Today, I spent the day on the beaches of Bermuda. Looking out at the Atlantic Ocean in all her glory. I listened, swam, played, laughed, relaxed, and reflected. Tomorrow I’ll return.


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