What’s On Your LifeList?

What’s on your life list?

Crossing the Sahara? Dancing with Penguins? Taking classes at the Cordon Blue? Taking a year off to travel the world? Racing motorcycles? Finally creating that that dream garden in the back yard?

No matter what it is, share! What’s that big dream, or the several that you’re looking to experience? It’s inspirational to hear, and I want to encourage you to chase after those dreams with gusto!

I’ve started my journey this year to experience all the things on my life list.  Ok, most people call them bucket lists but that’s much too depressing.  Besides I’m not waiting for anything, I’m living life in the NOW.  There’s a lot on my list, and it seems to grow longer all the time, but I’m determined to experience most of them if not all.

So, tell me…if you could do anything, what would you do?

(Respond with one of your life list items by using the reply section below)


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