Getting There: This was the mother of all road trips, a full 16+ hrs of driving (Ottawa, ON to Sydney Harbour, NS) following by an 6-8hr ferry ride (Sydney Harbour, NS to Port of Basque, NFLD) and a few days traveling 12 hrs from Corner Brook to St-Johns, NFLD.  The trip home was 12hr ferry ride and 16 hr car ride.  While traveling through New Brunswick the gas stops can be few and far between, make sure fill up when you can! (I think the gas light went on more than a few times on this trip) The roads in Newfoundland come with two warnings; first watch for moose and don’t drive at night if possible, and secondly some of the highways have grooves in the concrete (think tire groves from over use) which can sometimes grab at the tires, learn to straddle like the locals. Flights from Ottawa to St-John’s can be relatively cheap (500$ return) during sales, but the point of this adventure was to make it an epic road trip!

4844 kms return trip from Ottawa, Ontario to St-John’s Newfoundland!

Getting Around: It’s been nothing but the car, ferries and my two feet. Newfoundland is vast (12hr drive point to point by highway) and riddled with lovely small coastal towns along the way that make it more than worth it.

Accommodations: Guest houses and B&B’s are choice here, the prices can range from 60-120$/night depending on what town you’re staying in. I’d like to give shout out to Bell’s Inn in Corner Brook and Skipper Ben’s B&B in Cupids, the only two places we stayed besides the ferry!

Food:  SEAFOOD! Beautiful, tasty, fresh sea-fare is everywhere. Because it’s a road trip, I packed the cooler with clean eating treats so that I wouldn’t be tempted by fast food. My favourite meals were at the Seaside Restaurant in Gros Morne and Skipper Ben’s B&B in Cupids.

Fitness: Hiking, hiking and more hiking! The coastal views in the province are second to none.  With proud national parks such as Gros Morne (World Hertiage Site), Terra Nova and all the coastal beaches along the way, there’s no shortage of fitness options!

Temperature: No matter what time of year it is, you’re going to need warm clothing.  It’s coastal, and the cool sea air keeps the temperature from raising too much.  I traveled in late June and it ranged from 12-17’C during the day.  Rain jackets and/or windbreakers are also a must.

Money: Canadian dollar…and a smile.

Shopping: Water St and Duckworth St were my fave in St-John’s! There’s an abundance of unique stores and stylish shops.  Of course there are plenty of great shops in all the small town along the way with everything from crafts, knit socks, and homemade foods.

Attractions: My favorite was enjoying all the hikes and views of Gros Morne, but there’s also…


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