New Years 24 Hr Fitness Challenge

This might be a little insane.  It’s crazy with a side of possible.  Mostly, it’s a challenge to shake off 2012 and come into 2013 strong.  This challenge is a challenge.

The challenge: complete 1000 squats and/or lunges, 1000 ab exercises of choice and 13 burpees for a grand total of 2013.

Are you game?

Simple acts like sitting and laughing will hurt tomorrow. There will be a sense of accomplishment in that pain. There should be, this is no small way to start off the year.

untitled 2

The 24hrs starts at 12 noon EST. So lunge on your way to the car, squat while brushing your teeth, crunch those abs while enjoying your favourite tv show.  However, wherever, get them done.  You can do this!

For the love of everything…form, form, form!!! Remember to use proper form so that you don’t injure yourself with all exercise.

Share below where you’re squatting, how many lunges you’re up too, who you’ve convince to do them with you…or how insane you think I am for challenging everyone to this 24 hr crazy-a-thon!


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